We are a small family owned car lot. I have been blessed and improved by having two kids, who are very dear to my heart.  My car buying and selling philosophy is pretty simple: if I can’t put either of my kids in any of the cars I buy, I don’t buy them. Period.
We are not the best. Not the largest. Certainly not the slickest. But we are sincere, authentic, and legit, all the way around. Our moniker reads: Respect & Integrity. We preach it, believe in it, and practice it.
We have a small staff, but each specializes in doing their very best:
Charles Paris – car salesperson and philosopher at large. He has learned to listen, not only with his head but also with his heart.
Ricky Hamm – makes the magic happen. If three things that were supposed to happen do happen, you’ll hear Ricky say: “Is my name Ricky or is my name Ricky?”
Felipe Cantres – Felipe belongs to a disappearing tribe of car guys who can restore the shine on a car no matter what. He is our local car whisperer. He works it, massages it, and doesn’t stop until he is satisfied.
Ricardo Seda – our mechanic who believes in the old adage of “measure twice, cut once.” He wants to know What is wrong with the car BEFORE we take it apart in search of answers.
Together, my crew and I complement each other. We believe in the bond of the promise to do our best. It may be out of fashion in some places, but to us it means a lot.


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